[Scribus] updating scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Feb 7 23:28:22 CET 2005

jack wallen wrote:

>hey gang,
>i'm using 1.2 and am wondering about the latest update. from what i
>understand, if you update you have to work some magic to get pages
>created with earlier versions working (because of font issues). is this
>the case? is this much of an issue?
The only thing I've seen has less to do with Scribus than other 
software.  I'm using FC3 and it appears the last update of freetype 
(2.1.9-1) changed the order of the words in some of the Nimbus fonts, so 
I had to tell Scribus what to substitute.
I think many will tell you that there are many improvements since 1.2 
that by themselves make it worthwhile to update.
If you're clever like some, you'll save your 1.2 so you can go back to 
it easily just in case.


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