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Boštjan Špetič igzebedze
Sun Feb 6 21:25:54 CET 2005

> Actually, what would even be _better_ would be:
> "Scribus Users and Developer's Conference" or "Open Publishing Platform
> Conference - 2006"
> Summer 2006 - Europe (that's where the devels all live now).
> Including other OSS devels.
> Something worth pondering......
> Something which should happen......

Hi all.

I'd like to propose help / space for organization of this event. - that is, if you haven't decided the location and other issues yet.

I work at an Open source lab / hacklab / open space Cyberpipe in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. We have quite a nice and spacious place, full of computers and internet. :) Last year we organized international festival HAIP, which gatherd organizations like Loca Records, L'manegarie, Hackitectura and some individual artists.

Reading this thread I thought it might be nice to host this event this year. So I'm writing this proposal, to see how you feel about it. We can talk about organizational and financial details later, if you'll be interested. Unfortunetly Ljubljana is not on the coastline, but otherwise it's a nice place, and easily reachable from anywhere in Europe.

One thing that i'd find very useful and interesting on an event like this would be workshop on introduction to the codebase of Scribus (and some other programs like Inkscape maybe). I think this would be very efficient way of getting new powers to the project. Just an idea.


best regards, bostjan spetic

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