[Scribus] Introducing myself

Howard White howardwhite
Sun Feb 6 17:34:14 CET 2005

Just a brief  note to introduce myself and both seek and offer help.

1. I'm a pre-press person, for more than 20 years with vendors of 
high-end stuff, most notably Scitex.
2. I'm a Mac person, though I'm o.k with Windoze and a pretty good 
amateur Unix geek.

I seek....

Help on Mac Scribus. Currently I'm using the Fink version, though I'm 
moving to stay more current by using Cervesia. Specifically, help 
with mouse clicks -- I know a little about this but need more. I 
can't seem to figure out how to access the Story Editor.

I offer...
Considerable experience with other  Mac DTP apps, including xPress 
and InDesign.
A fair amount of experience with RIPs and high-end printing in general
Ongoing contacts with the US DTP community (whatever that is) and 
organizations such as DDAP, which has so far been rather unsuccessful 
in promoting the virtues of PDF/X.
Considerable experience in document writing and lots of free time to spend.

I've been in contact with Peter Linnell.


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