[Scribus] Re-flowing text frames

David david
Sat Feb 5 00:11:57 CET 2005

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Louis Desjardins wrote:

> There is no need to unlink the text frames before deleting the page.
> Simply delete the page and the text will continue to flow as if this 
> page has never existed. 

Thank you for your help, Louis. I will try it next time again. I wanted 
to do it your way in the beginning, but Scribus crashed.

I have one more question. I want to prepare a several hundred pages 
document with lots of illustrations. It would be convenient for me to 
split it into smaller parts and work with them separately. Only at the 
end would I assemble them into one document. But still, I want any 
change in paragraph style or template page to propagate to all subdocuments.

Can I do it?


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