[Scribus] problem with two columns

stu seven stuseven
Fri Feb 4 05:38:07 CET 2005

*** Louis - thanks, some good suggestions, but I need to explain,
*** the two columns are produced from the menu columns item...
*** this does include gutters, and there were no text boxes, just
*** the default spaces for two columns.
*** Maybe "lock to grid" will fix somthing here_ I will try that, and
*** thanks again for reply.

>From: Louis Desjardins <louisdesjardins at videotron.ca>
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>Subject: Re: [Scribus] problem with two columns
>Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 22:10:21 -0500
>>     After setting up a page with two columns,
>>I can edit or import text into the first (on left)
>>but when I finish this, and try to import text
>>into the 2nd column (on right), all the text is
>>overlapped and uneven lines... even when the
>>file is printed.
>>     How can I fix this ?
>>     Thank you
>Hi Stu,
>I think I can help you but I'm not really sure to understand what the issue 
>is, exactly.
>Will try to figure this out and you provide the feedback. ;-)
>a. Maybe the gutter is set to zero. In that case, there is no gap between 
>the 2 columns. To change that value, go to Properties>Shape and change the 
>Gutter value to 10mm or 1 pica or 10 pts or .25 inch or something like 
>this. Does it look better?
>b. Maybe you have one text frame on top of the other. To see that, select 
>View and Show frames.
>c. Uneven lines, if I understand what the problem is, can be corrected 
>using Paragraph styles and the "Lock to grid" check box PLUS you'll have to 
>remember the linespacing value in that same dialog box and you'll have to 
>set the Grid value to that same linespace in the Settings>Preferences. This 
>will result in the following: any text formatted with that Paragraph style 
>will be locked to the grid. So all lines, in any text frame, will stick to 
>that grid, thus being even, from one column to the other.
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