[Scribus] PDF export turns pictures pale

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Feb 2 14:30:58 CET 2005

>>Thinking the difference between screen/web and printer is in quality
>>seems to be a common mistake people make. Perhaps Scribus should look at
>>renaming these options?
>Seems to be a good idea :-)
>>The difference between screen/web and printer, is not in quality, but in
>>colour model. screen/web will produce an RGB colour based PDF, while
>>printer will produce a CMYK colour based PDF.

I guess we can look at this in various ways.
1. Web/Screen -> understated, RGB (can't be anything else)
2. Print -> CMYK would seem obvious
 From that point of view, why change these options, hmmm?!

But the actual naming also reminds of preset settings in Acrobat 
where you can decide for what use your PDF is. And these settings are 
based on various choice of images compression that really affect the 
output. The same names are offered to users, as choice.

Also, the Web/Screen vs Print rings a bell about "quality" for some 
of us. Some users seem not to realize they are in the "color" tab. I 
guess that's because we are all concerned by quality! So in the 
doubt, we pick the option that seems to be the top quality. Which, in 
that case, is not at stake.

All this to say I am more on the side of asking for a change in these 
menu name options, although I understand perfectly the choice that 
has been made so far. If the names are changed, then the tooltip 
could be changed too and give the "basic" explanation.

Menu -> Tooltip
RGB -> PDF will be in RGB color space, perfect for Web/Screen 
display. [We could even add something like] (Warning, if you use this 
PDF for print, color will be affected.)
CMYK -> PDF will be in CMYK color spalce, perfect for print usage

Or something like that. Can this help clarify the case?


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