[Scribus] Missing preferences dialog in 1.2.3 (SuSE 10.0)

Mike Carra/Ruth Hendrick oznutz
Fri Dec 30 17:37:10 CET 2005

Hi -
We are transitioning from Win2K/InDesign to Linux/Scribus and have hit a 
couple of problems, the most serious being a missing Settings->preferences 
dialog - nothing happens when it's clicked, although the other selections 
under Settings work.  Starting Scribus from a terminal window gives a 
"Plug-in not found" message when Settings->preferences is clicked.  What 
plug-in am I missing, and where do I look for it?

Background: We have two installations (both doing the same thing) - one is 
a dual-boot Win2K/Suse 10.0 with 10.0 applied as an upgrade over 9.1, the 
other a new machine being set us as a dual-boot Win2K/Suse 10.0 - Suse was 
installed fresh from DVD.  The original Scribus install was from 
the Suse DVD, but was removed (via Yast) and Peter's pre-compiled rpm of 
1.2.3 for Suse 10.0 installed via rpm.  This was done to fix a no-print, no 
pdf output problem previously discussed in the mailing lists.  Help->about 
gives Scribus 1.2.3, 12 September 2005, C-C-T.

BTW, I haven't been able to find a Scribus log file in /var/log or /usr/ - 
am I missing the obvious?  I'm relatively new to Linux, so you might have 
to be explicit.


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