[Scribus] Clipping paths

Maurice George mauriceg
Fri Dec 30 11:32:34 CET 2005

I find most things in Scribus fairly intuitive. But I just can't work 
out how to set clipping paths in either Scribus (1.2.1-1) or the Gimp 

At the moment I'm using Story Editor to manually force the text to leave 
an empty space for the graphic. But there must be a better way (!) (?)

*Yes, I have read the manual. And yes, I realise that there are more 
recent versions but this is what Xandros provides.

I'd be grateful for any advice.

Maurice George

P.S. How *do* you pronounce 'Scribus' ?

	Is it Scrybus ? Or Screebus ? Or Scribbus ?

P.P.S. It's a fascinating program however it's pronounced ...

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