[Scribus] printer's imprint

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Dec 30 05:14:04 CET 2005

Christian Zwahlen wrote:

> Ok I need "Python >= 2.3" download, compile, and install. Too complex! I
> need a simple way to set "printer's imprint", with a SVG Template or
> something..

On most distros, you just need to install the appropriate Python 
develpment package. Information about several common distros is provided 
in the BUILDING file shipped with Scribus 1.3.x .

Try, as appropriate for your distro:

Fedora / Red Hat: yum install python-devel
Mandrake:         urpmi python-devel
SuSE:             use YaST to install python-devel
Debian/Ubuntu:    apt-get install python2.3-dev
                   (or python2.4-dev if you prefer)

> An SVG Template: I made on Illustrator CS2 "printer's imprint" in a PDF,
> save it in Acrobat as "PS" and "EPS, but Scribus can not import this
> file "Import Error".

Any chance you can file a bug on bugs.scribus.net with the problematic 
PostScript file attached? Please also run scribus from a terminal, and 
provide the output it prints there.

Craig Ringer

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