[Scribus] Scribus medicus esotericus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Dec 17 21:02:41 CET 2005

Although I can't show it because of privacy concerns, one thing I did 
today with Scribus was to send a patient a note about her brain MRI scan 
describing some findings, but also included some selected images, with 
arrows and annotation to show her what I was talking about.

I captured the images from Windows, since the hospital's software 
requires Internet Explorer. Then I rebooted to Linux, and in short order 
in Scribus was able to do this. I could also have done it in Gimp or 
Inkscape, but for sizing the image, placing it precisely on the page, 
adding the arrows and the textframe, Scribus was by far the quickest, 
easiest route.


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