[Scribus] Scribus + TeX combo [album scripts]

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Dec 17 04:49:08 CET 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:

>I'm not of the "waste space/memory/cpu because its now available" thinking, 
>however, when did a difference of 100k matter compared to a 33mb directory, 
>on a N gigabyte drive ?
Well, here's the thing, as I watched it with 'top' on the fly: creating 
this 300k file of 11 pages with 33MB of images (within Scribus) eats 
almost all of 500MB of swap and 250MB of RAM -- Scribus was the only app 
I had running. I'm not sure why there's this overhead. It's not 
Scripter, because creating this artificial file with Perl, then loading 
that into Scribus ends up eating up all those resources as well.  Not 
much over this size and Scribus just dies, disappears - no signal 11 or 
whatever, no saving an emergency file, nothing.

It's not the stored file's size that I see as the issue (though it does 
seem surprising). One would think that the main limiting factor of file 
size would be images, but this shows a resource usage 20+ times the 
total size of the image files.


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