[Scribus] Scribus + TeX combo [album scripts]

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Dec 17 00:21:51 CET 2005

> What it brings up is a desirability if not need in the future to
> compress files (maybe with the new format?), since there is so much
> repetition in them. And they're getting bigger: my directory of 33MB of
> images resulted in a 1.2 version .sla file of 289K (without images), the
> 1.3 version: 362K (this is loading the 1.2 version into Scribus then
> saving from 1.3.2cvs, so it's an identical file, content-wise).

Err.. save as a compressed file.. sla.gz ?? You will need zlib support 
compiled in.

The new format will allow for defaults to not be in the file, and when the new 
text system comes in that should reduce things too.

I'm not of the "waste space/memory/cpu because its now available" thinking, 
however, when did a difference of 100k matter compared to a 33mb directory, 
on a N gigabyte drive ?

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