[Scribus] Wiki Spam

Uwe Fechner ufechner
Tue Dec 13 23:56:08 CET 2005

>I'd like to add to this, that if anybody on this mailing list can 
>provide a working solution to stop Scribus Wiki spammers while allowing 
>"normal" users to register and edit wiki articles, this  would be the 
>right moment to step forward and volunteer for it.
Well, there are many working solutions, but any of them makes it necessary
to invest some amount of work first.

Here is some info about possible solutions without registration of users
in German:


One possible solution would be a password protection WITH a
publicly visible password as not-too -easy to read picture.

This solution is used e.g. by the following wiki:


The moinmoin wiki has a really good spam protection:



Uwe Fechner

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