[Scribus] TOC page numbers

John nesredep
Mon Dec 12 16:21:32 CET 2005

Sorry, seems like I keep tripping over page numbers.  This is version

My Windows>Arrange Pages display shows doublesided pages, starting on the
right with a page that shows Page 1.  That's great.  I don't want numbering
on the first four pages, and I want the page that shows "5" in this display
to be printed with "page 1" on the bottom.  Which I have accomplished, thus:

In File>Document Setup>Sections I have 2 sections:

First Section, active NOT x'd, From 0 to 3,  Style 1,2,3, Start=1,
End=4(grayed out)
Main Section, active IS x'd, From 4 to 30, Style 1,2,3,  Start=1, End
=27(grayed out)

So, apparently the "Arrange Pages" display starts at page 1, and the
Sections numbering starts with 0.  Seems a bit inconsistent, but the page
numbers in my document are printing currectly!!!!  In other words, the first
chapter (on ArrangePages5) has "Page 1" generated at the bottom of the page.

BUT....here's the problem:

I set up TOC, I think correctly, and I get the table of contents perfectly,
but with the _actual_ _physical_ (using the "Arrange Pages" numbering) page
numbers!!!  Chapter 1 is reported as being page 5.

I feel like I'm soooooo close, but I'm stumped.

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