[Scribus] Scribus current working directory

John Griessen john_g
Wed Dec 7 19:55:25 CET 2005

I have read some past posts discussing the directory pointed to by the
"get image" menu-pick
 and the "save file as" menu-pick.

Some argue they like the way it is.  I see such a wide audience there will be no
one way to do things, and wonder if I figured out how to add a preference choice
or command line option used when Scribus starts, if it would be accepted by the

In Scribus 1.32 from cvs, I am getting "the last dir Scribus was pointing at"
for the get image menu pick.
I am getting "user home dir" for save file as menu pick.

I would like to be able to change these to "directory Scribus started from"  or
some dir given on the command line after the program name, such as
scribus132 .

(scribus132 is the name for my current version of Scribus executable, and . is
"this dir" in bash command interpreter.)

That would be easier for me to use with my work style.   Who else thinks so?

John Griessen

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