[Scribus] Adding Text Frame to Master Page

John nesredep
Wed Dec 7 01:40:35 CET 2005

On 12/6/05, Louis Desjardins <louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com> wrote:
> My next guess is :
> Can you check that each page is actually based on the template you
> intend it to be... Maybe you tried and created a few templates... and it
> could happen that some of these templates have not the right
> key-combination for page number...
> There also could be glitches with the font used for page numbering...

I must say, I'm VERY grateful for your excellent ideas.  I got the pages to
show up by messing about with the Document>Sections.  I didn't even know
that feature existed; it's a big step from version 1.2x.

Now I have to figure out how the TOC attributes work.  Fortunately I already
found some documentation for that on the Wiki site, so I'm optimistic.  (But
don't go away, just in case....)  THANKS!!!

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