[Scribus] RIP problem

Samudra Reiher maillist
Tue Dec 6 16:27:48 CET 2005

Hello David,

> Big problem.
> My community newspaper is due to start publication a week on Friday.
> I have sent previous Scribus-produced PDFs to my commercial printers 
> before and he told me that they were to his specs and that they would 
> print no problem.
> Last week I uploaded all 16 PDF pages and today was meant to go and look 
> at the printed proofs.
> He's now telling me that - while they can open the PDFs without any 
> difficulties - when the try to place them on their RIP the processor 
> won't read them.

your PDF has font problems. If I remove the fonts on the right side, 
Acrobat preflight runs smoothly, otherwise not (Unexpected Error).


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