[Scribus] RIP problem

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Dec 6 15:14:57 CET 2005

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 14:59, David Eyre wrote:
> Dear All:
>  Big problem.
>  My community newspaper is due to start publication a week on Friday.
>  I have sent previous Scribus-produced PDFs to my commercial printers
> before and he told me that they were to his specs and that they would print
> no problem. Last week I uploaded all 16 PDF pages and today was meant to go
> and look at the printed proofs. He's now telling me that - while they can
> open the PDFs without any difficulties - when the try to place them on
> their RIP the processor won't read them. He's trying to figure out what the
> problem is. Any of you guys any thoughts? Here are links to a colour PDF
> page:
>  http://www.southsidemedia.org/page1proof.pdf
>  and a mono PDF page:
>  http://www.southsidemedia.org/page2proof.pdf
>  When exporting the PDFs from Scribus I used the following options:
>  General:
>  Export range: All pages
>  Compatibility: PDF 1.3
>  Binding: Left margin
>  Tick boxes unchecked: Generate Thumbnails; Save linked text frames as PDF
> articles; include bookmarks; include layers. Resolution for EPS Graphics:
> 300 dpi
>  Tick box checked: Compress text and vector graphics
>  Compression method: JPG
>  Compression quality: High
>  Tick box unchecked: Resample images to (all photos saved as JPGs at 150
> dpi)
>  Fonts:
>  Tick box checked: Embed all fonts
>  Colour:
>  Output intended for : Greyscale (for mono pages)
>  Output intended for: Printer (for colour pages)
>  (For colour pages)
>  Tick box checked: Convert spot colours to process colours
>  Tick box checked: Use Custom Rendering Settings
>  Black: Frequency 75: Angle 45: Spot function Round
>  Cyan: Frequency 75: Angle 15: Spot function Round
>  Magenta: Frequency 75: Angle 75: Spot function Round
>  Yellow: Frequency 75: Angle 0: Spot function Round
>  Thanks folks,
>  David

What version of Scribus are you using?
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