[Scribus] fun with chess diagrams

Owen Cook rcook
Tue Dec 6 02:42:31 CET 2005

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005 jrm at kw.igs.net wrote:

> Hello.  Pursuant to help from this list - thank you very much! - I have
> successfully laid out a couple of issues of Chess Canada magazine using
> Scribus.  Now I am smoothing out some details.
> For diagrams of chess positions, I have been using fonts that come with
> a commercial product, ChessBase.  The result, more or less, is that a
> diagram is a ten-by-ten array of characters to be set in a special font.
> Readers are used to having each diagram appear at the appropriate place
> within a game, so I do not want to float them.  So I have the diagrams 
> embedded within text.
> What bothers me is how easily diagrams get broken up when I make minor
> adjustments.  What I would *like* is to apply a "keep with next" property 
> to every line (but the last) of a diagram.  This can be done in Open Office
> Writer, but the property is lost when importing into Scribus, at least
> with the 1.2.3 versions.  Has this changed, or is it likely to?
> Alternatively, perhaps I can somehow make each diagram into a graphic to be
> embedded into the text.  Probably I'm being very obtuse, but I don't even see
> how to embed a graphic.  How do I embed a graphic?
> Also, it is not obvious to me what would be a good way to put text into a
> graphic.  Because this will be a frequent operation, I would want to script
> it, to avoid rasterization of the text, and to keep precise control of the
> suze of the graphic.  Suggestions?
> Incidentally, my PDFs generated with Scribus produce (apparently harmless)
> error messages about "xobject not found" when using the ChessBase diagram
> fonts.  Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?  (My guess is that
> there is something a little odd with the font, which apparently was getting
> by PageMaker but is annoying Scribus.)

I don't have an answer to you question, but just bring to your attention
the chess pieces in the openclipart library which may be of value to you.


The yet_another_chess_game_01.svg is maybe all you need, though I'd be
processing them in Inkscape.


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