[Scribus] To manage or not to manage or color management part .

alberto gyasi alberto.gyasi
Mon Dec 5 18:18:20 CET 2005

I have some few questions. About 5 months ago, I did a print out at a local
printer store of PDF-file, which was created with scribus 1.2.1 with color
management enabled ( I think the profile was euro coated). I got what
expected: rich an saturated colors. On Friday I tried a other printout from
a file created with scribus 1.3.1 also with color management enabled the
same euro coated profile and I got completely different result, this time
pale and some kind of washed out colors. The weird thing about that is when
I viewed the file  in Acrobat reader 7 on Linux I got nice colors on the
monitor, but the same file viewed in Acro Reader 7 on XP brought out the
same pale colors I got at the print out.
My system is a debian-like-system
The other question is: The print shop uses a Xerox Doutech 5252, that I
think is capable of converting RGB colors to CYMK perfectly. So my question
is: Would I get a good result just leaving the output intend at Monitor/web
and let the Xerox machine do the rest or would the output be inferior the
successfully Color managed PDF.
Thanks in Advance, Alberto

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