[Scribus] Invisible Doc window in Aqua?

Andreas Vox avox
Fri Dec 2 11:27:04 CET 2005

netkat wrote:

> tigers-powerbook:~ Tiger$ less ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc
> <MAINWINDOW WIDTH="403" HEIGHT="62" YPOS="1024" XPOS="1280" />

This looks really strange, as if the values for position and size got 

I'll take another look at the code to see what went wrong there.

Usually you should not edit this file, as it gets overwritten each time 
you close Scribus. In your case you can try to open it with a 
texteditor (close Scribus first!):

	open -a TextEdit ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc

and change the values to
> <MAINWINDOW WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="500" YPOS="40" XPOS="40" />

Then restart Scribus, it should show a square window near the top left 

I would be interested to know if Scribus keeps these values once you 
changed them manually in the scribus13.rc file.


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