[Scribus] Invisible Doc window in Aqua?

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Dec 2 07:29:46 CET 2005

Andreas Vox wrote:
> Netcat wrote:
>>I'd be happy to..can you tell me where I'd find this file; a
>>spotlight search turned up nothing...
> Since it is in a hidden directory, you need Terminal to open it. In 
> Terminal write:
> 	less ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc
> Then type /MAINWINDOW and less should take you to the line I asked for.
> You can quit less with 'q'

So long as only the .scribus dir and not the files inside are flagged as 
hidden, it should also possible to use the "Go to Location" menu item in 
the Finder. You could use it to go to "/Users/YourUserName/.scribus/" 
and open "scribus13.rc" in a text editor or attach it to an email. This 
can be easier for folks not used to working in a text terminal.

It's all sorted now, but for future reference this may be useful.

Craig Ringer

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