[Scribus] Invisible Doc window in Aqua?

net kat netkat
Thu Dec 1 20:40:37 CET 2005

Sorry, but I didn't move any window...

to me, it looks like the window is set to draw just at the limit of  
my resolution, which is already set to maximum...

dunno why Scribus launches like that...

On Dec 1, 2005, at 1:06 PM, Thomas Koll wrote:

> Ah, you moved the window out of your desktop.
> Either switch to a higher resolution for moving it back or change the
> line to:
> <MAINWINDOW WIDTH="403" HEIGHT="62" YPOS="100" XPOS="100" />
> It would be nice if Scribus would move itself into the visible  
> space...
> ciao, tom
> --

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