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PLinnell mrdocs
Mon Aug 29 22:18:07 CEST 2005

On Monday 29 August 2005 21:33, Redefined Horizons wrote:
> I just got started with Scribus, and I really like what I see. This
> is a great program that fills a void in the open source graphics
> world! I had a problem using Scribus with Inkscape. I had designed
> a page bacground in Inkscape, and I wanted to import it into
> Scribus. I set both programs up to work with letter size paper, and
> to use units in inches or fractional parts of inches.
>  First I tried to import my graphics as an SVG file exported from
> Inkscape. However, certian elements of the graphic didn't appear in
> Scribus, or were in the wrong position in relation to the other
> elements.
>  I then exported the graphic from Inkscape as an image file.
> However, when I imported the image file into Scribus, it was larger
> than the letter size page. Although I could adjust the size of the
> image frame in Scribus, the image itself remained the same size.
>  This leads me to as 3 questions:
>  [1] Is there a way to scale an image in Scribus, so that the
> actual image, and not just the image frame is resized?

Scribus has plenty of scaling options in the properties palette.

>  [2] Is there a way to determine the number of pixels that Scribus
> assigns to an inch, so I can scale the image in GIMP to the correct
> size, and then import the image into Scribus?

More correctly, you should scale in GIMP for a given dpi resolution 
and size. Scribus assigns whatever dpi values are in the image and 
amount of scaling. 

More GIMP with Scribus hints:


>  [3] What is the status of SVG support in Scribus? Should I file a
> bug report describing my problems importing the SVG file from
> Inkscape, or is this feature still in the alpha stage?
>  Thanks,
>  Scott Huey

Please file a bug and attach the problem file. SVG import is imperfect 
and text handling is difficult in particular owning to differences in 
text handling in SVG and Scribus which is postscript oriented. We do 
look at these  carefully.

Hope that helps,

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