[Scribus] CVS dirs for 1.2.3 and 1.3.1 / using user fonts only

Sebastian Röder sebastian.roeder
Sat Aug 27 12:28:49 CEST 2005

> > First, I could not find an answer on the homepage how I can tell CVS to
> > check the 1.2.3 CVS or the 1.3.1 CVS - well I will install both in
> > paralell, but with the CVS comments on the Scribus Doc page, do I get
> > 1.2.3 CVS or 1.3.1 CVS - and what do I have to change to get the other
> > one as well?
> Read the documentation pages (docs.scribus.net, Documentation link from
> www.scribus.net) under installation. It explains how to get both trees.

No Craig, unless I am not totaly blind there is just information in 
"installation" about how to get Scribus from CVS. If tried this and it is for 
1.2.x CVS. I finaly found my answers regarding 1.3.x CVS in the announcement 
from February 2005 about public 1.3.x CVS access (category is downloads). So 
you are right, it's there on the page - but not where I (and you ?) expected 
ot to be ;-) Thanks anyway!  

For future reference, the 1.3.x and 1.2.x checkouts are:
cvs -z3 co -r Version13x Scribus (for 1.3.x)
cvs -z3 co Scribus (for 1.2.x)

> > Second, I've read the Docs regarding the fonts, have installed some fonts
> > in my local (user) font dir with KDE and now want to tell Scribus to take
> > only fonts from this font dir - this means disabeling all the
> > /usr/share/... fonts. Do I realy have to uncheck them all one by one (I
> > can not even select them all with shift)?
> To my knowledge: yes, unfortunately. But this is something, Peter Linell
> is the best person to answer.

OK, maybe we get some clarification later.

> > Last question (optional) is whether there are realy bad problems with
> > 1.3.1 CVS - I want to do some school newspaper stuff ~ 30 pages, I have
> > enough time so deal with some gliches (and the 1.3 double page layout
> > would save a lot of time for me), so as long as there are no serious pdf
> > export problems, I would give it a try, I think.
> I can't recommend 1.3.1cvs for anything other than testing and reporting
> bugs at the moment from my experience. There seems to be heavy (and
> exciting!) work going on under the hood at the moment. You can, however,
> give 1.3 a try. It seems to be quite stable and the new features work
> fairly well. Take into account that there still might be some issues,
> though. OTOH, many people are obviously using it for production purposes
> already.

OK, I will test it for some one-sheet work first before I start the magazin.

> > Ahhh, maybe some of you DTP pros have a recommendation regarding (free)
> > font families that are nice for school magazins - I mean good to read in
> > an A4 sized magazin and with a fresh look, cause we are the young ;-) All
> > that typo stuff is very interessting but confusing as well ...
> There can be no general answer, since this has a lot to do with
> individual preferences and taste. It seems to me that grotesque (sans
> serif) fonts, like Helvetica or Myriad, are increasingly used for
> continuous text, because this provides a 'modern', 'clean' or 'polished'
> impression. I personally dislike this tendency, because it makes reading
> *much* harder, especially for longer texts. In case you have installed
> Adobe Reader 7 on your machine, you have two really great fonts ready:
> Myriad (sans serif) and Minion (serif), one of my favourites. In most
> cases, you will have to use the font installer to make them available
> for your system. Another great free (as in beer) serif font (although
> without a bold face) is Gentium. For more info on fonts, you can skim
> through the Wiki, which has lots of additional information. Wikipedia
> (en and, in your case, de), also provide good articles and links under
> "typography" and "Typographie".

Hey that's quite some info I can dig in, thanks! I have a (very good I think) 
book about Typographie here, but it's not so easy to use all this knowledge 
from theory in praxis, because they give no examples relevant to linux / free 
fonts. Nontheless, I'm still lerning ;-) 

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