[Scribus] CVS dirs for 1.2.3 and 1.3.1 / using user fonts only

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Aug 27 02:33:14 CEST 2005

Hi Sebastian,


> Second, I've read the Docs regarding the fonts, have installed some fonts in 
> my local (user) font dir with KDE and now want to tell Scribus to take only 
> fonts from this font dir - this means disabeling all the /usr/share/... 
> fonts. Do I realy have to uncheck them all one by one (I can not even select 
> them all with shift)?

To my knowledge: yes, unfortunately. But this is something, Peter Linell 
is the best person to answer.

> Last question (optional) is whether there are realy bad problems with 1.3.1 
> CVS - I want to do some school newspaper stuff ~ 30 pages, I have enough time 
> so deal with some gliches (and the 1.3 double page layout would save a lot of 
> time for me), so as long as there are no serious pdf export problems, I would 
> give it a try, I think.

I can't recommend 1.3.1cvs for anything other than testing and reporting 
bugs at the moment from my experience. There seems to be heavy (and 
exciting!) work going on under the hood at the moment. You can, however, 
give 1.3 a try. It seems to be quite stable and the new features work 
fairly well. Take into account that there still might be some issues, 
though. OTOH, many people are obviously using it for production purposes 

> Ahhh, maybe some of you DTP pros have a recommendation regarding (free) font 
> families that are nice for school magazins - I mean good to read in an A4 
> sized magazin and with a fresh look, cause we are the young ;-) All that typo 
> stuff is very interessting but confusing as well ... 

There can be no general answer, since this has a lot to do with 
individual preferences and taste. It seems to me that grotesque (sans 
serif) fonts, like Helvetica or Myriad, are increasingly used for 
continuous text, because this provides a 'modern', 'clean' or 'polished' 
impression. I personally dislike this tendency, because it makes reading 
*much* harder, especially for longer texts. In case you have installed 
Adobe Reader 7 on your machine, you have two really great fonts ready: 
Myriad (sans serif) and Minion (serif), one of my favourites. In most 
cases, you will have to use the font installer to make them available 
for your system. Another great free (as in beer) serif font (although 
without a bold face) is Gentium. For more info on fonts, you can skim 
through the Wiki, which has lots of additional information. Wikipedia 
(en and, in your case, de), also provide good articles and links under 
"typography" and "Typographie".



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