[Scribus] Opacity and PDF / PostScript

Bill Chiarchiaro wjc
Wed Aug 24 18:47:44 CEST 2005


I'm a newcomer to Scribus and I'm having a problem with opacity.  I've
created a document which has two layers.  The lower layer contains a
picture and the upper layer contains black text.  I've set the opacity
of the picture's fill color (white) to 30%.  My goal is to have solid
black text on top of subtle background image.

This all looks fine in the Scribus document window, but when I export
to PDF (and view with xpdf), or print to a PostScript file (and view
with gv), or even use the Print Preview, the background image appears
at 100% opacity.

Is it possible to generate a PDF or PS file that shows the image the
way it looks in the document window?

Or, am I approaching this all wrong?  Should I instead use gimp to
first produce a low-contrast version of the image and not bother with
the opacity setting in Scribus?

I'm using Scribus version with Qt 3.3.4 on NetBSD 2.0.2.

Thanks for any help,


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