[Scribus] Re: Me again ;-)

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Aug 18 02:43:11 CEST 2005

Hi Ranjan,

On 8/15/05, Ranjan Ghosh <ghosh at fup.de> wrote:
> ....................................................................
> too much padding around the text. When I try to reduce the height
> of the frame it displays the X-Symbol in the lower-right corner.
> Is there any way to disable the warning (either in general or
> - even better - for a specific frame?)

The "X" in the lower-corner is a visual indication that your text or
text-dimensions are overflowing the rectangle (textbox or frame or
whatever you call it).  It's only for your own good - isn't it?

I have found that increasing or decreasing the dimensions (width or
height) of rectangles makes the box grows or shrinks by one full unit
(before the decimal point) if you use your mouse to click up or down
arrows for the width/height sizing controls.

However, I've also observed that if you want to increase or decrease
by fractions using your mouse then just clicking somewhere in the
fractional part of the width/height figure (after the decimal point,
that is) and manually (i.e. using your keyboard) deleting some digit
using your backspace key, or just the del key for that matter, and
then using your mouse to increase/decrease width/height of the
rectangle makes the box grow/shrink by fractions - though, in most
cases as I've noticed, it'll increase only the digit immediately
following the decimal point.  I have noticed this behavior with
1.2.2cvs (build ID June something).

I would suggest that you manually modify all the three decimal places
of the fraction using your keyboard for precision sizing if "X"
appearing on sizing the rectangle is a hindering factor.

Best regards


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