[Scribus] Me again ;-)

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Aug 16 15:30:56 CEST 2005

>Hi there!
>Sorry to overuse the mailing-list a bit, but I'm in the midst of a
>"real-world" project and getting along pretty well, but the details keep me
>stuck from time to time. My problem right now is:
>I've got a text-box with a frame around (pen-style 1pt black). There is
>only one line of text inside (It says sth. like "Special offer").
>Now, the text-overflow warning is way to sensitive. There is still
>too much padding around the text. When I try to reduce the height
>of the frame it displays the X-Symbol in the lower-right corner.
>Is there any way to disable the warning (either in general or
>- even better - for a specific frame?)

Hi Ranjan,

This is a common problem in other DTP apps as well. :)

Another approach to the one suggested by Craig is by using 2 frames. 
One for the text (that will remain editable at all times). One for 
the frame itself (or draw a rectangle).

This can be easily put into the album for further use.

Once satisfied, group the 2 frames for easy positionning.



>Thanks again
>Ranjan Ghosh

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