[Scribus] Scribus and Mac - last instalment for now

Elaine coolowl coolowl
Sat Aug 13 16:13:47 CEST 2005

Good morning once more ... I've persuaded Scribus to launch by moving 
the framework folders individually to the Library/Frameworks folder. 
Duh. However it came about that the Scribus framework items were 
nestled inside another folder, taking them out does the trick.

Now that it's launching, another issue has surfaced. It spent maybe 10 
minutes looking about for fonts. I've a *huge* Console file on where it 
found what ... there's only the standard Panther fonts installed ... If 
you need that Console file, Andreas, I'll send it to you off-list. I've 
installed the basic Panther on to the G3 powerbook I'm using - I've not 
updated to 10.3.9. The PB has only 256 ram and I'm not buying more for 
it so am sticking with the leanest instal I can. Whether the OS version 
is an issue, I'd be interested to know.

Also: the help files - were can I find this as a single item? It's very 
helpful to have the Help/User Guide on another computer, saves a lot of 
jiggling about with active windows. I've another powerbook sitting 
around doing nothing so could put the help on that - and the tutorial.

Each to his/her own - programming is not for me. I'm grateful to my 
friend for introducing me to Macs - I was 58 when I bought my first 
computer. Had it been a doze machine or something more complex which 
needed tweaking and command typing I would not still be using a 
computer. Now at 63, there's a few precious years left which, for me, 
are better spent in the garden, travelling and being with my partner, 
than mistressing the intricacies of C:\ or the *nix equivalent.

Thank you to everyone who's helped, I'm looking forward to giving 
Scribus a test drive - something I have got some familiarity with is 
desktop publishing, at least in its basic form. There's a sample copy 
of the newsletter I do (was using Pagemaker for this one) at 

Elaine in Brisbane, Australia

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