[Scribus] Font Choice

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Sat Aug 13 02:53:25 CEST 2005

Hi Fellows,

This query is not Scribus related but it's related to DTP/Fonts. 
Posting it in the hope that folks experienced with fonts will send
useful advice.

I was writing a document and tried almost all fonts in the system for
body text, headings, paragraphs.  I was surprised to know that the
default font for OpenOffice NimbusRoman L No.9 looks very good in all
sizes though it's a bit common place and looks like Times New Roman.

Secondly, I noticed that Nimbus Roman L Condensed series (Bold
specially) looked fine in all sizes.

It was not so with _all_ the fonts.  Some looked good when I selected
a smaller font size while others looked good in bigger sizes.  Not to
mention that many fonts looked better when the text kerning between
characters was curtailed.

Strangely still, some fonts, such as Luxi Serif, although very good,
seemed to be emitting too much noise at smaller sizes when used to
write lots of textual content such as lengthy essays.  Just looking at
them seemed like one was looking at noisy text - the serif edges
seemed to be a distraction - IMHO.

Would you like to contribute your opinions folks?

Best regards


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