[Scribus] Scribus and Mac ... terminal

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Fri Aug 12 19:20:54 CEST 2005

Elaine cool owl wrote:
>Thank you again, Andreas ... with a bit of luck we'll sort this out yet 
Elaine, it would appear that we've all been expecting you to have a 
little more experience at the command line than perhaps you have. Here 
is a step-by-step for getting the proper files into the proper places:

1. In Finder (the file browser with pictures of folders in it), navigate 
to your Applications folder and double-click on Terminal (it may be in 
Utilities folder inside of Applications).

2. Go back to Finder and navigate to the location where you uncompressed 
the scribus-aqua-libraries file.
2a. If a folder containing the uncompressed contents of 
scribus-aqua-libraries was created, open that folder.

3. Drag the little folder icon in the center of your Finder window-bar 
to Terminal and drop it.
3a. There should have appeared a whole bunch of text separated by 
back-slashes and stuff. Don't worry about it.
3b. Using the arrow keys, scroll to the beginning of the string of text 
(arrow-left until it starts beeping at you)
3c. Type cd and hit the space-bar once. Be sure the letters you typed 
are lower-case letters. Capitals won't work.
3d. Once you're satisfied, hit the enter key.

4. Type the following command (copying straight from this e-mail window 
will work wonderfully).
sudo cp -i *.framework /Library/Frameworks/
Follow the prompts until you don't get any more. If it asks if you want 
to overwrite a file, it is probably safe to do so.

5. Go back to Finder and navigate to the Scribus application. 
Double-click it and it should start in all its currently unstable glory.

Now I shall recite some limericks for you.
In mime.

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