[Scribus] Re: Scribus and Mac - yet more

Martin Costabel costabel
Fri Aug 12 17:46:21 CEST 2005

For those who have Fink installed, there is now also a "scribus-aqua" 
Fink package. It is built from the released 1.3.0 sources, so it 
contains those of Andreas' patches that went into this release, which is 
probably not exactly the same set of patches as contained in Andreas' 
downloadable build. The possible runtime problems may therefore be 
different. Also, since it uses Fink-installed libraries, the font 
handling might be somewhat different. There are versions for both OSX 
10.3 and 10.4.

The advantage of the Fink package is that the package manager takes care 
of all the library stuff; you don't have to copy things around yourself. 
On the other hand, this is not a precompiled package, you have to 
compile it and its dependencies - in particular qt3mac - on your 
machine. You need a complete installation of the developer tools for 
this. But once you have these and Fink installed and updated with the 
"unstable" tree enabled, all you have to do is to issue the command

   fink install scribus-aqua

(or choose the equivalent "Install from source" menu point in 

The completed Scribus.app will be found (as an alias) in 


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