[Scribus] Scribus and Mac - more again

Elaine coolowl coolowl
Tue Aug 9 12:38:11 CEST 2005

On Tue,  9 Aug 2005 12:00:08 +0200 (CEST), 
scribus-request at nashi.altmuehlnet.de re-arranged the electrons thusly:
> Here's were I have all the frameworks:
> $ ls -l /Library/Frameworks/
> total 0

OK, Andreas - here goes:

I don't really understand *where* these Frameworks need to go. You gave 
3 possible places in the instal instructions on the aqua-scribus 
website. I followed what I hoped was the correct path.

Which particular Library is the one quoted above [$ Is 

Originally I put the Frameworks in the Library either at the root level 
or in my user folder. Since I instal for "everyone", I figured that 
using either the root level or the System library might be more useful.

Currently, the Frameworks for Scribus are in the System library, where 
I moved them to when Scribus wouldn't open originally.

So - these are the Frameworks currently installed (and btw I copied and 
pasted as you said not to drag):


And that's it.

I downloaded everything I thought would be relevant, not being aware of 
the intricacies of programming, a lot of words I read - acronyms 
perhaps - might as well be gobbledegook for all I can understand.

I'm pleased that Aqua-Scribus looks more handsome than X11! I don't 
mind if it runs a tad slower. At this stage of early release, I've 
isolated it on a spare powerbook with a 400 mhz G3 processor and 256 
RAM on Panther so it's going to be a bit snail-like anyway. And I'm not 
likely to be doing 50pp docs, my biggest newsletter runs to a whole 10 
pages :-)))


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