[Scribus] Translation/language question: Standard English vs. American English

Aakin N. Patel aakin
Thu Aug 4 05:51:24 CEST 2005

: The only thing worse than having to misspell colour and grey is to have
: to remember that you have to spell them correctly in UI strings, and
: misspell them when talking to C/C++ API. Don't even get me started on
: API documentation.
: (Note: I'm just poking fun at the Americans here re misspelling. It's a
: dialect; I can deal with that.)

As a random side note: 

Growing up in America, learning to read and write here, and then
spending 3 years in a british school in India was fairly maddening.

I got into some serious arguments with the teachers.

The only real long term effect is that I can never remember how to spell
Grey/Gray. This only really comes into play when writing code for
povray, because vim accepts both in it's syntax highlighting, but one
will render, and the other causes an abort.
                                                                     - Aakin

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