[Scribus] Scribus1.3.0 -- paragraph styles in incoming text

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Aug 3 23:17:53 CEST 2005

Peter Nermander wrote:

>>Well, there are some drawbacks to using LaTeX in that submitted text
>>will need to be re-formatted (quite a lot If not mistaken) and the fact
>>that the only LaTeX GUI I know of is LyX and though I find it very
>>useful for writing Tech Report/Journals etc, I don't think It's nearly
>>as good to be used entirely as a DTP. 
>The absolutely biggest problem with using LaTeX is that it is almost impossible (without A LOT of work) to create your own design. I love the way LaTeX (and LyX) handle text and markup, but I really hate when there is some part of the chosen style that I want to change... because I know it's way over my head to try to do it.
>If someone would write a graphical tool to create LaTex styles...
I use LaTeX quite a bit, and it does take quite a bit of work, but what 
I use it for are some forms and formats that are very stereotyped, and 
once you get it down, it's pretty rock solid.  I'm not sure what you 
mean by "create your own design" -- you can certainly create columns and 
change margins fairly easy.  There are things called "minipages" which 
are somewhat the equivalent of frames in Scribus, and they can be very 
handy (I use them to make label templates).  Tables are about as easy as 
anything can be, as are ordered, unordered, and labeled lists, nested 
any way you  want. 
I have imported EPS images, but getting them to go where you want on the 
page can be a headache.  I don't think you can beat LaTeX for the 
complexity of mathematical equations and formulas it can handle. 
LaTeX is very much a linear sort of tool -- items get handled in the 
order they are in the text file, so if you add something in the middle, 
every following thing's position can get screwed up.  Sizing of text is 
limited and can't be fine-tuned.


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