[Scribus] Scribus1.3.0 -- paragraph styles in incoming text.

Howard White scribus
Mon Aug 1 17:32:22 CEST 2005

>I have tried the text filter approach to importing text with tags for paragraph styles but it seems to only allow ASCII text. Therefore paragraph styles are imported but I cannot see a way to use tags for character level style such as italics in the body text.
>Also, when I tried importing an OpenOffice document which had several paragraph styles, these styles seemed to be largely imported successfully - but where I had used italics in the text this had become roman.
>My ideal would be to be able to use the text filters in an RTF file and be able to import paragraph styles via tags, and have character styles retained intact.
Character styles are not *yet* implemented in Scribus -- see the Roadmap on Scribus Public Wiki for a timetable. Therefore tagged character import can't presently work.

In a related matter -- if you or others are familar with regular expressions, it turns out (special thanks to avox on IRC #scribus) that you can use regular expressions not only for search but also for replace in a text filter. I have implemented, among other things, a filter that reasonably intelligently replaces inch marks (") with appropriate open or close double quotes. And I am a total regex nOOb. 


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