[Scribus] Legality of Font Embedding

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Apr 30 00:31:56 CEST 2005

On Saturday 30 April 2005 00:21, Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Saturday 30 April 2005 00:11, Asif Lodhi wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Someone has questioned the legality of embedding fonts in PDFs and
> > transporting those PDFs on other machines. I am curious about the same.
> > Any comments?
> There was a recent discussion WRT to the use of GPL fonts on this list.
> Other than that, you will note in the licence for your fonts what the
> author allows you to do with them.
> However, PDFs and fonts go hand in hand and I would hazard a guess to say
> most font licences would allow *you* to embed fonts you obtained *legally*
> and use them for such a purpose. If theres a real issue in some situation,
> convert to outlines and be done with it.

I'll add.. IANAL, and none of the Scribus team are. Issues like this are 
general to DTP and PS/PDF production in general, but are certainly worthy of 
discussion on this list.

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