[Scribus] quotation marks

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Apr 25 14:08:48 CEST 2005



>Also the menu
>"search&replace" don?t works for me. Only "insert glyph" works for me. It?s
>horrible for a long text with interviews etc.
>I?m using Scribus 1.3cvs.


Search&Replace works within an active text frame. Did you try this? 
Otherwise this calls for a bug report, imo.

There you could enter a combination of [space]+[wrongquotemark] ... 
and replace by [space]+[rightquotemark], and the way around for the 
closing quotemark.

Of course it could be annoying doing that when you have numerous text 
frames... but you can rapidly get the habit... the Search&Replace 
dialog will remember your last choice. So basically all you have to 
do is click on the frame (not select text) and call the 
Search&Replace dialog. You might have to first copy the glyph from 
the Insert Special menu and paste it into Search&Replace.

Maybe this operation can be turned into a script but someone else 
than me will confirm that!



>mfg J?rg

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