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Craig Ringer craig
Sat Apr 23 08:31:36 CEST 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-23 at 09:42 +0530, Suki Venkat, [TnQ] wrote:
> Hi,
> Regarding colour management, has anybody tested RGB printers?
> Do you guys expect these RGB-printers to take us in a position to say
> good bye to CMYK conversions?

I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'm still bewildered as to
how they'd work. I thought CMYK is for subtractive colour and RGB for
additive colour.

Anyway, I too would like the user not to have to deal with CMYK. With
wide support of ICC colour profiling and the embedding of profiles in
documents, hopefully there will be less need for CMYK inputs to programs
(things like Photoshop's facility to work in RGB while previewing in the
CMYK colour space are a big step in that direction). PDF/X-3 permits PDF
generating apps to push the responsibility for CMYK conversion further
down the chain again, to the printer, RIP, or preflight tools. To me,
that's where it belongs - relatively close to the device.

> For me the advantage is then that it takes me closer
> to my ideal...to produce one-PDF (not one for web and one for print).

Given the dramatically different needs of print and web use (especially
when it comes to file sizes, etc) I'm not sure we'll ever really get
there, at least not when raster images are involved.

Craig Ringer

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