[Scribus] Re: Can't get colour management working

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Apr 22 00:21:45 CEST 2005

jack wallen wrote:

>this is always a problem when you install from other methods. it's also
>one of the weaknesses of Linux with regards to new users. now i'm not a
>new user but i generally install with either rpms or, now, i use yum
>with Fedora Core. 
The "strength" of Linux, I think is that you have the choice.  I use yum 
with FC3, largely because for many components and programs you can get 
into big trouble switching from rpms to compiling your own.
Scribus, I compile -- it's sort of like woodworking: you feel like 
you've accomplished something when it's done, and the more you do it the 
better you understand it.
If someone wants to learn how to compile, Scribus is really one of the 
best choices, because of the amount of help you can get when you get 
stuck.  And it's not a trivial program either -- very good feeling to 
compile something as useful as this.


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