[Scribus] Re: Can't get colour management working (was: URGENT)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Apr 22 00:14:30 CEST 2005

On Friday 22 April 2005 00:01, Asif Lodhi wrote:
> Hi
> I can now see color management options but there is some confusion.
> On page 3 of the scribus tutorial (FreedomYug), color management options in
> the properties dialog boxes can be clearly seen. Plus, there is "Adobe
> (1998)" in the "Input Profile". However, NO "Input Profile" & "Rendering
> Intent" combos appear in my properties dialog box's image option although I
> am strictly following the tutorial and doing each step exactly as mentioned
> - that is, I am also placing Khajuraho's picture in the image frame but not
> getting the "Input Profile" and "Rendering Intent" combo-boxes.
> However, strangely, when I try to create a document of some of the shipped
> templates, both the "Input Profiles" and the "Rendering Intent" combo-boxes
> show up in the image option of the properties dialog box but "Input
> Profiles" combo shows up disabled with no profile name.
> Why is it that both the combo boxes show up in template-based newly-created
> documents (when a picture in an image frame is selected, properties dialog
> is opened and the Image option of the dialog is selected) but not when the
> Khajuraho picture is selected?
> Thank you all for the input. I will now try downloading some of the printer
> profiles. Thanks Tino.
> I will really appreciate the list's input.
> Thanks and regards
> Asif

You may be seeing some issues with the fact that that tutorial was kindly 
written and FDL'd back in the heady days of Scribus 1.1.6.

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