[Scribus] Re: Can't get colour management working (was: URGENT)

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Apr 21 16:24:18 CEST 2005

Hi guys!

I installed the development package rpm of lcms from Fedora's Extras 
re-configured/make/make-installed scribus, installed tutorial, copied 
profiles to /usr/local/lib/scribus/profiles as well as ~/.scribus/profiles, 
started the scribus again but haven't yet gotten lcms support in scribus 

Yes. Now there is no asterisk being displayed after the Build ID in the 
Scribus' About DialogBox and I see "C-C-T" after the Build ID instead of 
"*C...." (which was displayed after the About Dialog's Build ID previously). 
In addition, when starting up and displaying the spash screen, I now also 
partially see a "...ICC Profiles" message at the bottom of the splash in 
addition to many other messages that rattle past. However, I cannot see any 
color management option anywhere in Scribus. I am following Bhushan's 
excellent tutorial and at the initial "Get Picture ..." stage, when I select 
the "Image" option from the picture's properties dialog, nothing close to 
color management appears in the properties dialog. I thoroughly searched 
each and every option in Scribus to find the configured ICC profiles support 
but in vane. I wonder what I am doing wrong! Do I need to reformat my hard 
disk, install FC3 from the scratch and then freshly install lcms and 

Yes, I have these files in the "/usr/local/lib/scribus/profiles" and 
"$HOME/.scribus/profiles" directories:
YCC601.icm, YCC709.icm, lcmstiff8.icm, sRGB Color Space Profile.ICM, 
Tifflab8spac.icm, tr01_d50.icm - I can't tell an ICC profile file from a 
CMYK one but the above-mentioned filenames suggest that I have one CMYK and 
one sRGB profile installed - at least - as pointed out earlier on this list.

I would genuinely appreciate your advices and recommendations.

I have given up. I will pray to God for you guys if you help me get Scribus 
working! :)

Thanks and regards

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