[Scribus] question about superscripts

Cor Pernot c.pernot
Thu Apr 21 09:49:01 CEST 2005


thanks for the suggestion but is does not work though.
Scribus reported to imbed three fonts (regular, bold and italic), that's all
I used in the document..
I did check the 'embed all fonts' option as well but with no different
More ideas form your side?


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> >Hi,
> >
> >I have a question about making superscripts, i.e. for reference purposes.
> >For this reason I use the superscript button in the text editor. This
works in
> >the text editor, here I can see the superscript raised and in a smaller
> >But if I have a look in the exported pdf file, I only see a raised
> >but not in a smaller font!
> >Using a smaller font for the superscript does not result in a nice
> >because the number of points that the character is raised, also decreases
> >this way.
> >Does anyone out there have a solution for this?
> >(I am using Scribus 1.2.2cvs and the font family I am working with is
> >Sans)
> Hi Cor,
> The issue must have something to do with font embedding and not with
> the settings of superscript since you get the proper result in
> Scribus and not in the PDF.
> For my part, I have never encountered such problem.
> I would suggest you redo the PDF making sure the "Embed all fonts" is
> checked in the Font tab of the PDF export dialog.
> See if this works. Otherwise, get back to us!
> Louis
> >Tanks in advance
> >Cor Pernot
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