[Scribus] question about superscripts

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Apr 20 15:18:38 CEST 2005

>I have a question about making superscripts, i.e. for reference purposes.
>For this reason I use the superscript button in the text editor. This works in
>the text editor, here I can see the superscript raised and in a smaller font.
>But if I have a look in the exported pdf file, I only see a raised character
>but not in a smaller font!
>Using a smaller font for the superscript does not result in a nice solution
>because the number of points that the character is raised, also decreases in
>this way.
>Does anyone out there have a solution for this?
>(I am using Scribus 1.2.2cvs and the font family I am working with is Lucida

Hi Cor,

The issue must have something to do with font embedding and not with 
the settings of superscript since you get the proper result in 
Scribus and not in the PDF.

For my part, I have never encountered such problem.

I would suggest you redo the PDF making sure the "Embed all fonts" is 
checked in the Font tab of the PDF export dialog.

See if this works. Otherwise, get back to us!



>Tanks in advance
>Cor Pernot
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