[Scribus] missing cygqt-mt-3.dll file

Michaël Lefèvre lefevre00
Wed Apr 20 16:14:28 CEST 2005

I just :

cd /
tar jxvf scribus-1.2.1.tar.bz2
tar jxvf qt-x11-free-3.3.3-0.tar.bz2
cd /opt/scribus/1.2/bin
ln -s /opt/qt/3.3/bin/cygqt-mt-3.dll
Xwin -multiwindow -clipboard &
/opt/scribus/1.2/bin/scribus.exe &

So i don't "cd ~" before launching Xwin and scribus, and it works.
Seems to be a library path problem.

2005/4/20, Alex Brooks <askoorb at fastmail.fm>:
> Hi there (especially to mrdocs from irc)
> On any new cygwin install of scribus from the instructions over at
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Installing_Scribus_on_Win32 there is a
> failure.  It is probably best if I just paste most of the discussion
> from the wiki into this thread...
> "
> (I'm a n00b at this, so don't know if this is cygwin related or Scribus
> install) Installing from binaries. Everything looks and installs fine.
> However, last step (/opt/scribus/1.2/bin/scribus.exe &) causes this
> error, stating that the "cygqt-mt-3.dll was not found. Reinstalling may
> help." Reinstalling has not helped.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks. --Kevinism 13:59, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
> Are you sure you have Qt3 installed? --jo-hannes 15:14, 15 Mar
> 2005 (UTC)
> It may be that the path isn't set. Try the following:
> Create this script by copying the following lines into a bash shell and
> enter RETURN and CTRL-D to close the cat command. (watch for line
> breaks)
> cat >/etc/profile.d/qt33.sh export QTDIR=/opt/qt/3.3 export
> At last you should reread the environment to activate this settings for
> your current bash shell with
> . /etc/profile
> "
> Unfortunately, this fails (for the entire cat output see the wiki,
> though it basically boils down to "No such file or directory "), which
> makes me think that this is a PATH problem, possibly caused by some new
> stuff in cygwin.
> It can be overcome in the short term by typing:
> cd /opt/scribus/1.2/bin ln -s
> /opt/qt/3.3/bin/cygqt-mt-3.dll
> THEN try launching.
> But if the path is broken, this could be causing problems elsewhere.
> As I never got a full cygwin install without this, could someone who
> knows what Scribus should be like on cygwin, test this and see if it has
> broken something.
> Please note that I have modified the main install guide to put these 2
> lines of code in. It should now work, with any luck.
> Anybody any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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