[Scribus] font licence!

Suki Venkat, [TnQ] skvenkat
Mon Apr 18 16:50:32 CEST 2005


I am sure that there will be so many folks who will be grateful to
Scribus folks for producing this nice typesetting system - hope
renumeration is not be a problem... although these are indeed tough
times for many communities.

It is quite sad that even after so many years of existence of the
electronic world, we are struck at alphabet-word level of existence,
having to grapple about whether we have the legal write (right) to use
different designs of the language for our alphabets. Its true that the
guys who designed the fonts need some remuneration for their work. We
are so fortunate that alphabets were discovered much before the time
when the idea of patenting occurred to man! What about patenting
different ways of pronouncing words?

There are so many guys waiting in the world to become literate; looking
for very basic written material in their language.


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