[Scribus] font management

Bart Alberti bart
Sun Apr 17 22:33:22 CEST 2005

"Gee whiz," as they say in the States, here! I guess there is no reason 
to use gpl fonts if the authors of the font even remotely claim the 
content, too! We might as well confine ourselves to the proprietary 
fonts where they explicitly disavow the content; after all you paid for 
the use up front! But then, why use gpl fonts for anything but personal 
copy? it makes no sense. Yes, the gpl has been enforced and recognized 
(don't jump to conclusions! please.); but that was for unambiguous 
software and the challenge here in the USA is by no means resolved even 
as to software, although we hear there is some low level court 
recognition. The gpl is sweeping in its terms; but it has not been 
definitively litigated, as this, obviously, is a whirlpool especially on 
this particular issue.
I am happy, though, to have provoked this sub-thread, which is likely to 
go on for some time. The wiki, I submit, should inform and warn of this 
issue since it has been explicitly been brought to the attention of the 
list. The lawyers call this 'fair warning.'

Bart Alberti

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