[Scribus] font licence

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Apr 17 22:11:57 CEST 2005


just to add my 2cents worth:

a) Apple/Adobe also call fonts "font programs", so that should apply
b) GPL is a *copyright* licence and AFAIK does not control internal use 
or programs which are linked by the enduser to their own copy of the 
GPL'd code.
c) GPL would apply to documents using GPL'd fonts only if one 
considered the document 'linked" with the font program.

With that said, my opinion is that embedded fonts might make a document 
a derivative work.
If distributed it would have to be GPL'd.
If fonts are not embedded, I would not consider it linked, since usual 
font substitution might apply.
For fonts *subsetted* in Scribus it might be even more subtle, since 
Scribus "executes" the font program to obtain a list of coordinates. 
These coordinates are therefore the output of the font program and may 
be embedded as Scribus does.

Of course one can still discuss if a font is really a program, or if a 
document can be viewed as a program. I could understand if one said PS 
files are programs, but I have my doubts with PDF files...

Still, a nice mess.


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