[Scribus] Re: font management?

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Apr 17 18:46:54 CEST 2005

Louis Desjardins wrote:

>  In the Mac world, this isn't the case. Fonts
> do make things slower, even on big hardware... hmmmm not G5s (didn't
> test) but dual 1,25 GHz G4s with 1 GB RAM. This is why we rely on
> utility programs such as Suitcase. By my own little experience with
> Macs, I assumed the same would occur in the Linux world. I see it's
> totally different. Very interesting. In that case, it would only be
> more convenient for Scribus users to be offered a way of gathering
> the fonts used in a particular project if you don't want an endless
> menu ... nothing to do with performance as such. I just can't imagine
> 2000 fonts opened on a Mac... Coffee, someone? :)

That's a good reason for Scribus not to rely on Apple font handling.
The way it is now Scribus just picks fonts up from the default locations
and uses freetype to do the rest.

Apples system routines also try to find a best match for a requested 
Maybe that's why they open all fonts.


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